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I'm so sorry for the late response on this - it was inadvertantly posted somewhere else and Chris moved it - and I lost sight of the fact that it was here (it really belongs in the UEB literary forum).  If you follow the letter of the law, lists are to be capitalized and emphasized as you put in your example (put an open indicator at the front of each item and close once at the end).   There has been some debate on whether bullets and/or itemized numbers/letters might change that (are they PART OF the list or SEPARATE from it?) I find it especially difficult when you come across a situation just like what you have here...where it actually saves braille cells to treat each item as a separate item.  I can tell you that the BANA Formats committee is suggesting some wording that would clarify this to some degree (an errata is being worked on - and still needs to go through an approval process so it will be some time until it's out).  In the meantime, you can indeed use the idea that saving cells is the reason for treating these as separate items.  But be consistent for all such lists within your text.