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Lindy Walton

Hi Vickie. I have attached a sample BRF file. Here is the explanation.

In IMG_0442.jpg, all four answer choices require a switch to Nemeth Code. Place the opening switch at the end of the UEB narrative. The four identifiers (F G H J) are in Nemeth (disregard the bold typeform), as well as the four answer choices. Terminate Nemeth Code after the last answer choice, assuming UEB follows.

In IMG_0441.jpg, there are two ways you could employ code switching. I have shown both in the sample transcription. The first way strictly follows "single word switch" rules, staying in Nemeth from "3.14" through "15.7". The second way terminates Nemeth after the pi symbol and restarts Nemeth at "15.7" in answer choice A. Multiple choice problems aren't necessarily read consecutively, as you would read narrative, so I prefer the second method where the question is its own entity and each answer choice has its own set of switch indicators. Whichever method you decide to use, be sure to treat similar Q/A problems similarly.

Lindy Walton

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