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Donald Winiecki

Cheri, thanks for your question!

The attached graphic was sketched by one of our TG experts. The pie chart is approximately 5" in diameter and as shown will fit easily on an 11.5" x 11" page. As shown, this includes all of the numbers reflected on the print graphic, and full labels for some items from the print graphic. Long labels were reduced to 3-cell abbreviations that should be included on the braille key.

When creating the key, follow GSTG with the order of items in the key the same as the order in which the sections appear on the graph in clockwise order, starting at the top (at the 12:00 position).

Notice that not all labels have leader lines. These should be used only where things get crowded. Otherwise, we may make the graphic harder to interpret.

The center of the graph is crowded, so it will be necessary to implement GSTG 6.3.4 and not draw all of the division lines all the way to the center. This is reflected in the attached graphic.

Following wording in GSTG 6.3.6, we want the interior of the graph to be unobstructed (no textures). It is advisable to never use textures in the center of a pie chart, for the same reason as you would move labels outside if print showed them inside the circle. This ensures better readability of the whole.

Let us know if this addresses all of your questions!

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