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Lindy Walton

Hi. First, I would like to clarify the topic of use/nonuse of the numeric indicator for spatial fractions. When a fraction is transcribed spatially in order to show the numerator above the denominator, for example when cancellation occurs, a numeric indicator is used if the numeral is preceded by a space. Section 60 of the Nemeth Code shows examples. Sections 68-70 also show spatially-arranged fractions where numeric indicators are used.

However, as is the case here in your example, when a fraction is involved in a problem arranged for computation, numeric indicators are not used. I have attached a corrected transcription of your example. Notice how the plus sign is one cell to the left of the overall problem, and how the indicators and fraction lines are vertically aligned through the addends and the sum. These alignment rules may be found in Section 178.e and 178.f of the Nemeth Code.

Spatial problems are preceded and followed by a blank line, even when code switch indicators are present. A minimum of one cell comes between the separation lines of side-by-side spatially-arranged problems, which I have done in my example, but if your student prefers wider spacing you may do so. Section 185 discusses spacing.

Please let me know if you have further questions.


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