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Lindy Walton

Margaret, you really have me thinking on this one! I have tried a couple of different ideas for layout. The one I am going to suggest takes into account the priorities I perceive to be important at this grade level (4th grade).

The most important concept is reading the dots above the line plot. Reading the mixed number labels is not a top priority.

In my work in the schools in the lower grades, we felt it was important to keep the braille transcription looking as much like the print as possible. This helps the student follow the teacher, aide, or parent's explanations without adding another layer of interpretation. For this reason, I would not advocate rotating this line plot, even though rotating it certainly solves the issue of those long mixed numbers on the scale.

I tried staggering the labels, but this means three lines of labels and no room for lead lines. Not a good idea. I tried setting it up as a foldout, but because the mixed numbers take up so much horizontal space, this wasn't working either. (I would not use 'facing pages' because the gap for the binding will disturb the reading of the data.)

I think the best rendition is to show only the whole numbers on the first line of labels, and only the mixed numbers that will fit on the second line. Draw a tactual lead line from the tick mark to the first cell of the label on the second line. A short transcriber's note explains: "In the line plot below, each tick mark represents one-eighth of a pound. Not all tick marks are labeled." The attached brf file illustrates this plan. You will need to imagine the four lead lines.

I hope this helps! And I welcome any comments.

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