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Hi there!

The image is indeed hard to see - I can't seem to enlarge it.

However, I can answer your question.

If you are transcribing this as a full score - all the parts included - for the purpose of score study or for a conductor, intervals are fine (read upwards in all parts). In this case the accidentals would not need to be repeated. (Perhaps it's because the image is so small, but I don't actually see an instance in these measures where this would be an issue - am I missing something?)

If you are transcribing for a clarinet player and extracting their part from the score, in-accords need to be used - highest part first. And in that case accidentals WOULD need to be repeated for the 2nd part of the in-accord. Adding a dot 5 would indicate that the accidental does not appear before that note in print but that it is required for proper reading.

Maybe you can send me a larger image so I can be sure that I'm reading it clearly enough...

And so curious as to why you're using 1997 Code....