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Dan Gergen
Hello Tanna,
Thank you for posting your question in the UEB Literary Committee forum. The committee has discussed your question and agrees that it comes down to two questions:
Q: Is the ellipsis needed on the Special Symbols page?
A: For that answer, we look into Braille Formats, 2016 Appendix G where you'll find a list of symbols that are required on the special symbols page if they are used within a braille volume. There is a second list of symbols that are new with the approval of UEB. These symbols may be included on the Special Symbols list. The ellipsis is included in the second list, which is optional. However, if you are studying toward national certification in braille transcribing, including a certification manuscript, you are required to also include the symbols from the second list if they are used in your exercises and/or your certification manuscript.
Q: How do I list the ellipsis symbol in braille order?
A: The ellipsis in UEB is not a symbol of its own but rather a series of periods. You would list it on the special symbols page in the same order as the period. (A period is required on the special symbols page only when it is used as a dot or decimal.)
I have included a link below to a very informative instructional video that explains braille order in an uncomplicated presentation. If you any other questions, please feel free to ask our experts.