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Lindy Walton

Hi Margaret.
This is an interesting, and common, dilemma.

The rules to follow are:

--Only the math should be done in Nemeth code.
the symbols > and < (in the first instructions)
the circle used as a sign of omission (in the first set)

--If only one non-math word occurs between math symbols use the single-word switch indicator for that word.
the word "or" (in the first instructions)

Which code?

--Because each numbered practice item contains a symbol which must use Nemeth,
the omission symbol in 5-7
the equals sign in 8-13
each inequality or equation should be entirely in Nemeth. The words in these math statements are part of the math problem and so are uncontracted.

(Even though, within narrative, the unmodified numbers could be transcribed in UEB, because they are within an inequality or an equation that uses a Nemeth symbol, the numbers and words are transcribed in Nemeth.)

Attached is my transcription of this worksheet. The right portion of number 7 is off the screen, so I put in a general omission indicator just to show that Nemeth Code is terminated before continuing.

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