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Lindy Walton

Hi Brandon. Flash cards are a great idea. I have always made my own. You can use index cards and a braillewriter, or you can create them with your software for single-sided embossing and then cut them with a paper trimmer. Attached are a couple of templates I have used for making 3"x5" flashcards. The narrow one is for 8-1/2" wide braille paper; the wide one is for 11-1/2" wide braille paper. The shaded areas show the maximum amount of usable space on the card. If you use "replace" or "overwriting" mode on your keyboard, you can replace the dots on the template with what you want on each flashcard without disturbing the layout of the template.

It is important to snip the corner of each card so it is obvious what is right-side-up. Typically, the upper right corner is trimmed. You can get really creative with your use of homemade flash cards.

Good luck!


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