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Lindy Walton

Hi Susan.

The only expression that will not fit across one braille line is the numbered item at the top of the page. It must be divided twice. The first priority is to break before a sign of comparison, so you will start a new line before the equals sign. The runover will start in cell 5. The "link" (matrix 1 minus matrix 2 minus matrix 3) also needs to be divided, so you divide before a sign of operation -- in this case, before the second minus sign. Also beginning in cell 5. Yes, a blank line must set off the spatial matrices -- a blank line above and a blank line below.

Each lettered item will fit without need for runovers, as shown in the attached BRF file. I can't quite read what this problem is numbered, but in the attached BRF file I have given it the number 35.

If you are using a page that is narrower than 40 cells, let me know and we can discuss how to treat runovers of wide matrices -- there are a couple of ways to do this, according to the Nemeth Code.

I am not a Duxbury user, so I cannot imagine how you would key this in that software.


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