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Taylor Goldhardt

Huh. Apparently the formatting got messed up. Each line that talks about "formatting" is supposed to be a numbered list. The one that currently (to me) shows up as number 1 at the end is supposed to be number 4. Sorry about that; not sure what happened. It looked right when I was typing it up. And I can't edit it to make it look cleaner, either. Here is the list again, and hopefully the numbers will show up correctly this time.

  1. Does the number line always begin in cell 1 or is it dependent on the context/exercise material? For Example, would the number line in the attached problem begin in cell 1 or cell 3 (for the runover)?
  2. Can a number line be placed in numeric passage mode to reduce the length/keep on the same braille line?
  3. Is there a required number of horizontal line indicators between an arrow or a crossing vertical line?
  4. What do we do when a number line requires multiple braille lines? (Example, if we have a -40 to 40 number line where we need to be able to see every tick.) Sometimes we can get it to fit as a graphic, but I've seen a lot of number lines that are too big for a horizontal or a vertical graphic to work.

And an addition to question 1: If the number line is dependent on the runover, can we adjust the starting point to fit a slightly-too-long line on a single braille line? (So, a problem similar to the example might start in cell 1 or 2 instead of having the final item on a second line.)