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Donald Winiecki


After reviewing the examples, our experts note that all of the graphic objects shown in the examples provided are 3-D shapes. This quality should be retained and they should be rendered as TGs to match what is in print. For question 9, we recommend not to include the auxiliary front view and to remove the tactile shading.

We also note that if the front view were to be included, it should be drawn as if the viewer were seeing it encountering it straight on. That is, it would not be angled.

GSTG guidelines to support this advice:

  • 2.8 A print graphic may be simplified as long as the original intent is not compromised.
  • 2.10 If the concept of depth is not required, a 3-dimensional view should be changed to a 2-dimensional view.
  • Shading should be used sparingly and only if required for the understanding of the concept.

With respect to GSTG 2.10, our experts note that based on additional pages of the textbook provided here, the concept of volume is being taught. With this, the 3-dimensional view should be kept.

Finally, we want to note that this advice applies to the specific images you have asked about. We cannot say that this advice should apply to all images in the textbook.

We hope this answers all of your questions! Please let us know.