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Dan Gergen

This was quite a challenge for the UEB Literary Committee but one of our members located a resource from the Australian Braille Authority that has the original Duxbury Braille Translator Producer’s Manual (2011) that you may or may not have tried. It does contain keyboard shortcuts in braille as you requested and notes a 3/25/2021 webpage update.

The download is available in four formats:
•  Print version (pdf 1MB)
•  Word version (doc 2MB)
•  Large print versions 18pt as text & pdf (zip 2MB)
•  Electronic braille BRF files for embossing or to read directly on a braille display (brf zip 75kb)
•  Duxbury Braille Translator version (dxp zip 30kb)</p>
I looked at the braille version and found the keyboard shortcuts in Appendix 10. Each shortcut also included the DBT format codes.

Mind you, the manual is dated 2011 but the shortcuts might be updated. At least it's a starting point to bring the list up to date by matching the entries to the shortcuts in the Duxbury Help files. They might even match the latest DBT 12.5 SR3 upgrade.

We hope this helps.

Dan Gergen


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