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Dan Gergen
Hello Christina,
Thank you for your question. Hopefully, we can shed some light on the subject.
UEB §9.9.1 explains, "When transcribing a typeform passage which extends over more than one text element (e.g. a series of consecutive paragraphs), each text element is preceded by the typeform passage indicator and the typeform is terminated only at the point where the typeform changes."
Since you are brailling a list, UEB would consider each text element as a series of consecutive paragraphs. If you want to retain the italics for the entire list, your first, second, and third examples should each be transcribed as italics passages because each example has three or more words. Each line should begin with the italics passage indicator and the terminator is only placed after the last word in each example.
A list (paragraph) item in a passage that extends over more than one text element, can be a single word or several words. It can even be an ellipsis that represents an omission —as long as the entire list contains three or more symbols-sequences over more than one line.
Your fourth example is not a passage. The list has only two words. Italics word indicators should be used for both words. If there was a third line with one or more words then it would be a passage. 
(UEB 9.9.1 doesn't present any examples, but the same format is used for capitalized passages that extend over more than one text element. There is a four-paragraph example in UEB 8.5.5.)
I hope this answers your question.