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Hi Julie!

I would suggest you also post this question under CAT since the TG Guidelines focuses on rules for graphics while CAT focuses on software for braille production.

However, some helpful members have suggested the following--

Here is a link that shows how to center within a textbox that might help but it may make a difference depending on which version of Inkscape you have.

This was from another member:

  1. With an Inkscape document open, choose the “Create and edit text objects” tool
  2. Drag the mouse cursor to create the textbox.
  3. The text insertion cursor is active inside the textbox you have just drawn. Type to add the text in the textbox. The textbox will remain selected during this process.
  4. With the textbox still selected, issue the keychord SHIFT-CTRL-A (this opens the “Align and Distribute” pane)
  5. In the “Relative to:” drop-down box, select “Page”
  6. Select the “Center on Vertical Axis” tool
  7. The entire textbox realigns to center the text you have just inserted

I've attached a file with screen shots for further information. Hope this helps.

Thanks to the contributing takes a village!


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