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First let me say that some disagree with me regarding using contractions in phonics (sounds). Or when print states that "letters" need to be underlined. I've been told by several readers that contractions ARE letters...and so the contractions are just fine. I think BF is not specific enough about SOUNDS that letters represent.

A couple things: I would recommend against keeping BOTH the bold and the underlining unless you really think they mean different things. BF and UEB both address the idea that transcriber's need to determine is there is meaning to both types of me it appears (from this one page) that the bold and the underlining represent the same thing and I would leave one of them off - it's pretty bulky with both 🙂

Under A, you need a blank line preceding the box. The directions in A apply to more than just the box.

Why did you change the table to a list? The directions specifically address the columns and if you make each column heading take two lines it easily fits across the page as it is in print.  BF states that keeping the print format for columns/tables is preferred....unless they won't fit.

I argue with myself all the time when I do stuff like this. I almost think that Section 17 (Spelling) of BF should address letters rather than be so specific about spelling! The confusion, for me, is showing the letters (word parts) uncontracted and then showing the word just seems like they should be treated the same way.  As I said, people can (and will) argue for both ways. You just need to choose a way and then be consistent. I agree these are not spelling words...but we still need to be clear and consistent for the reader.

Under B. the items under 1 are answer choices (leg, hand, chin) and should be listed vertically per BF 10.4.4 I would also leave the underlined word (chin) in the sentence (follow print). A TN could be inserted somewhere that the first one is done for the reader.

This is hard stuff! Hope I've helped.