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Fred Van Ackeren

Hi Cindi,

Yes you've been very helpful.
The double emphasis is kept because on many other pages only an underline is used so I kept both for distinction.

About the letter sounds (ch, -tch, etc.) my first thought was which would require less work, uncontracting all instances of use or just contracting the letter sounds at the top and in directions. Then I thought that doing all of one or the other didn't seem correct either. I'm thinking of keeping the letter sounds at the top and in directions perhaps to aid the young reader, sorry! I forgot to tell you about the grade 4-6 levels, that might change things a bit. By keeping the letter sounds uncontracted would reinforce the understanding of the makeup and spelling of contractions used, since the author uses word "spell" quite often. Putting myself in the position of that young of an age I would find it very helpful as I had trouble spelling, consonants and such was confusing enough.

Other corrections I've applied are: 1) space after A. box; 2) listed answer choices and removed blank lines; 3) added TN about 1st exercise.