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Fred Van Ackeren

Good morning Cindi,

In place of the double emphasis (bold and underline) mentioned in previous reply, could I use a TN and grouping signs? The words would then need to be contracted to avoid confusion with gh and ar contractions. I've uploaded a .brf as an example. Grouping signs might also work in those exercises where I've added a TN each time telling the reader which letters are circled. Just a thought.

Also, I've uploaded another .brf about line numbers in stories. The number represents words read. I was unable to make a pdf of this page. Lines 15-16 are in question, when a line ends, there are 3 blank cells, in this case after "laps" which is followed by a short line of text that ends on the same braille line. I've made a note on the TN page that in such cases the 3 spaces are retained and the total number of words read are combined, in this case laps ends at 76 and the final word "swim" at a total of 79.

and 1 final question on numbered lines--I've left braille lines 25 and 1 blank (where page numbers are). But if there are no line numbers on either, can text still be put here? I didn't include a sample of this as it seems pretty straightforward.

I apologize for the many questions but the book is too large to upload.

Thanks again for you assistance, Fred

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