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Hi Anna,

Here's how I usually handle these: I include a TN to the effect of "Measures are often spaced irregularly to accommodate the counting below the notes. Special bar lines (dots 123) separate measures where spacing is irregular. The word "and" replaces the plus sign."

And then I braille the numbers aligned below the notes, like we would for chord symbols or Roman numerals. Be sure there are blank cells aligned vertically between measures in both the music and the counting lines. Sometimes there will be extra blank cells in one or the other part.

Some people like to use the numeric passage indicator and terminator on the counting lines, but I tend to just braille the numbers as they come, especially where there are "and's" involved.

Attached is a pdf and a brf of the way I would do the examples you attached.

(This is certainly not the only right way to approach it - it's just the way I tend to do it and it seems to work ok. You'll notice that I omitted the parentheses around the plus signs - I'd include a TN to that effect if I chose to take them out. If you feel like the parentheses are crucial - which they may well be - I'd probably use the special literary "dropped g" parentheses to save space.)

Hope this helps!


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