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Answer, part 1: A list of resources for studying UEB, with a focus on math & science

UEB Math/Science (or "Technical Material in UEB") Resources 👩‍🏫

The APH webinar UEB Math Science: Frozen Juice Concentrate explains some principles that expand through all UEB Math/Science materials, and it is packed full of resources for reference and study. This webinar's handout is hosted on the Access Academy Handouts page.

Bel​ow ar​​e links to a variety of free resources for learning to use UEB to transcribe technical materials.

The National Braille Association has webinars about UEB Math/Science both in their webinars archive and on their Web-Based Learning Page.

The Primary Maths Cheat Sheet, from UEBOnline is one list of some UEB symbols used in technical materials.

The UKAAF created the document "Generating mathematical symbols using Math AutoCorrect or Unicode​," which provides detailed instruction on inserting symbols in a document, especially in MS Word.​​ The document is available in multiple formats from UKAAF's website, in the section on Braille Standards.

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