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Can you tell me the meaning of the / versus the // ?  It appears that you could divide at the places with the double lines ( // ).  From looking at Google - the double lines are the 'breaks' in the poem (the foot). It seems to me that the single lines mean something else...unless the surrounding text says otherwise 🙂   The double lines all appear to be after a word - then you are just left with that one really long bit from lines 2/3...of course I didn't braille this so I don't really know how long this would take 🙂  My inclination would be to NOT divide the words...I would break the rule about not dividing within a foot before I would break up a word...especially when it's in a foreign language.

I would absolutely put the scansion marks within the text rather than above it like it is in print. They would not make sense if they were above the words in braille.

Hope this helps 🙂