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If I am transcribing repeats in full and going back to previous pages, I usually use the page turn indicators with the appropriate page numbers in the music line. It's tough to give an example without a print reference, but let's say you've Brailled to page 10 where the repeat is shown in print and you need to go back to page 7. I will leave the page numbering at the top to show we've gotten to page 10, but I will show dots 2, 52 and the number 7 to indicate the music is returning to page 7. Then I'll show the page turns and numbers as they come in the music line and change the top page number only when we get to page 11.

Does that make any sense?!

As for introductions, you'll need to show the measures of rest the singer has to count, even if they aren't singing, so they will know exactly where and when to come in. A TN shouldn't be needed.

All the best!