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Normally I would say to put in a brief TN (something like "on page a13") after the Table number - but this is a LOT of references to tables on other pages! And I notice that some are for a range of tables (Tables 2-7). For sure put the table on the print pages where they occur. For the braille readers benefit, I might create a table of contents for the tables and put it at the beginning of each volume. This would be like a genre contents - so beginning on a new braille page and placed after the text contents. Then you would need a TN that says something like "Print often references tables found throughout the text. As a guide to the reader, a contents page has been created for the tables found in this volume. See braille page p3." (or whatever page it actually falls on).  On that transcriber-created contents page, you may have to break the tables out by braille volume. I can't see how big your text I'm not sure of the exact way this would work, but it seems like there ought to be a way for the braille reader to find tables easily. Another suggestion would be to use the sequentially labeled tables format...but do a label on line 25 for EVERY table and don't put anything on the braille page after the end of the table except the label. This would allow the student to only have to look at line 25 to find the appropriate table. A TN would still be required for this format. Something like "Print often references tables found throughout the text. For ease of locating tables, a label is placed on line 25 of every braille page on which a table is found." The wording of the TN's is flexible as there is no rule for this 🙂

Hope this helps!