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Hmmm. Well I was going to say that na is the "official" abbreviation for nanosecond but when I looked that up on Google the abbreviation is that didn't work. 🙂 Although I'm pretty sure that was the intent with this example.

According to 11.8.1 a key consists of two or three letters (or numbers or a combination of letters/numbers). But really, abbreviations and keys are the same concept - a shortened version of the material within the table which will not fit as needed on the braille page. In my head, if I shorten the heading and it is more than 2-3 letters/numbers, it is an abbreviation. Otherwise it's a key. But I can see how that is not clearly demonstrated in BF.  Whether you say Key or Key to abbreviations it's the same thing - an explanation for the reader of what the braille represents.