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Lindy Walton

Lucas, I would like to update my response with this quote from the beginning of Unit 6 of Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics, 2022, page 6-2.

“When no technical notation is present on the tactile graphic (e.g., only unmodified numbers and/or letters as defined in the Nemeth Code), the tactile graphic should be prepared in UEB.”

Example 6—11 (page 6-73) shows a graph for which there is no need to switch to Nemeth because it contains only unmodified numbers. The transcription of that graph is on page 6-75.

If your transcription contains stem-and-leaf plots, please also note the following from Section 6.14. "When transcribing using UEB with Nemeth, all stem-and-leaf plots must be transcribed within Nemeth switch indicators even though the numbers may not be modified."

- Lindy