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    Hello Cindi,

    I have some questions:
    1) if I have a web address info@tprstorytelling.com and the publisher is TPRS, would I contract the st in storytelling as it seems that the s is serving double duty so to speak in the web address?
    2) is there a symbol for the numbered reference indicator? I looked in the UEB 2013 rules but perhaps I have overlooked it.
    3) for the Spanish letters listed on the SS page, I would place the for mention before the actual Spanish letters as well, correct?
    4) as it is an all Spanish book, I would or would not list the additional World Braille usage symbols as well under the heading Spanish Punctuation used according to 13.6.5? For example the full stop is a dot 3, the capital indicator is dots 4,6; etc. I would say yes but really just would like confirmation. Or should I be in the FL ask an expert?
    5) how are we listing the CBC symbols? And am I correct that the notice "All numbers in CBC appear ..." is no longer current and therefore should not be there? Which then, does this also mean that the reference on the TN page is obsolete as well. (The electronic address in this volume ... according to the Computer Braille Code ...)
    6) It states in 13.6.6 to use foreign code contractions ... from which the document originates or for which it is requested. So am I understanding that if Spanish code uses only two contractions (found on the ONCE website like our BANA) for the ll when it is pronounced with a y sound and the AE only when it is joined as one letter, do I use these? Does BANA have a stance on the usage of contractions in FL in UEB as of yet?
    7) for the Title page, I would use the WBU Spanish symbols for the title but do not need the code switch indicator for the second line segment in English? As the context is clear and the student is expected to have a full understanding of Spanish already.

    Thank you for your time and knowledge. It is greatly appreciated.


    1) I don't think there is a rule about this. I would say do not use the 'st' contraction as the 's' also applies to the tprs.

    2) No, there are no reference indicators in UEB. I am assuming you have numbered footnotes (since you asked about numbered reference indicators). See Section 3.24 of the UEB codebook for how UEB handles numbered references. The footnotes themselves would still be at the bottom of the print page under the footnote separation line.

    3) Yes

    4)I would say yes as well...but you might want to post that part of the question on the FL ask an expert.

    5) There are no Computer Braille Code Symbols in UEB. So you don't need anything on the Special Symbols page or the TN page.

    6) Again, I would say yes...but that is also a question for the the FL folks. According to UEB, FL in an English context does NOT use contractions (see Section 13.2). I think your understanding of 13.6.6 is correct.

    7) Again, I will defer to the FL group on that one.

    Sorry I could not answer all your questions. I do know that BANA has a task force established to determine some of these issues. I will forward your questions to them just to be sure they cover things like this!

    Have a great day!



    Awesome. Thank you and thank you so much for such a timely reply. You have a wonderful day as well. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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