For decades, NBA has offered an array of resources to the public and to members. One of our most valued member benefits is the BULLETIN, a peer-reviewed journal written for braille transcribers.


NBA’s quarterly publication, the Bulletin, is available digitally and in print, as well as in braille and on CD for those who are visually impaired. The publication is available to members and subscribers. It’s designed to inform and educate, contains regular departments, of which the most important is a series of columns called Sharpen Your Skills, a thorough summary of technical advice to keep transcribers up to date on the latest developments in their particular areas of specialization. The respective NBA skills committees are responsible for writing articles for these columns on a regular basis.

News and feature articles focus on modification of codes, availability of publications, tips to transcribers and subjects of interest to members and to persons working in the field of services to the visually impaired. Announcement of new materials and equipment for use in the production of reading matter is made after positive value has been demonstrated. Guest writers and specialists are invited to contribute articles of timely interest.


Membership in National Braille Association is open to all individuals. The NBA Bulletin is included in the cost of membership. In addition, members of NBA are entitled to access the ‘Member’s Only’ resource section of our website, the ability to interact with our Ask An Expert forum, reduced registration fees for our professional development conferences, and special rates for publications.

To become a member today, you may register on our website, or download an application to mail in with your payment.


Over the years we've worked hard to continue finding new ways to add value to your membership with the National Braille Association. Joining as a member will provide you access to a number of resources that are designed to help you in your work as a braille transcriber or teacher of the visually impaired.

  • Ask An Expert - our technical support forum allows members to ask any braille questions that they need help with, and our experts from around North America will provide you timely and educated support
  • Bulletin - our quarterly published peer-reviewed journal includes skills articles written by our committees of experts on an array of topics. Each edition features technically learning opportunities with the most up-to-date information available
  • Conferences - anyone attending our Professional Development Conference in the fall who is not a member is subject to an additional fee. As a member of NBA, you'll enjoy the published registration rate.
  • Publications - members receive over 30% off on nearly all of our publications
  • Resources - we've created a number of resources that can be downloaded in our member's area
  • Webinars Archive - a few times a month we conduct free webinars on a range of topics for braille transcribers. Anyone can watch the webinars live, but only NBA members get unlimited access to the archive of recordings from those trainings.


All members of the National Braille Association have access to the same benefits. The differences in price between Student membership and Regular memberships are intended to help keep costs lower for those who are still working toward their certification.

Each member of the National Braille Association has full digital access to our online member portal of resources. Additionally, some members choose to receive our Bulletin by either hardcopy braille or print. The pricing for those options are listed below.

Student Membership

This level of membership rate is available to individuals who are currently working on becoming certified. Once certified, a person no longer qualifies for this reduced membership rate. Because it's generally believed that a literary transcription certification can be obtained within two years, the Student level membership is only available for two enrollments. A Student Membership receives all the same benefits of a Regular Membership, but at a discounted rate.

Digital Edition - $30 annually
Braille Edition - $30 annually
Print Edition - $40 annually


Regular Membership

This is our standard membership level that provides access to all our member benefits.

Digital Edition - $50 annually
Braille Edition - $50 annually
Print Edition - $60 annually


Life Membership

We are no longer accepting enrollment in the Life Membership program, but anyone who purchased a Life Membership will always remain a member during their lifetime. Life Memberships by default are accessed digitally, but those wanting the Bulletin printed and mailed will be subject to an annual print fee.

Print Fee - $10 annually



This is technically not a membership at all, and there are no membership benefits associated with subscriptions. This option simply allows an institution like a library or group to receive a copy of the Bulletin.

Print Edition - $60 annually
Braille Edition - $50 annually

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To learn more about your membership benefits and how to get the most out of your membership, take a few moments to watch this instructional video from a webinar recorded in February 2020.