Braille Formats

Please read our blog for an important announcement regarding the NBA Braille Formats Study Guide and Exam

The National Braille Association is the only organization to offer a certification identifying a transcriber’s proficiency in applying the Principles of Print to Braille Transcription, 2011 formats code published by  the Braille Authority of North America.

To become a certified Formats transcriber, individuals have eight weeks to complete an exam transcribing a unique minibook provided by our office. The cost to take the exam is $175.00. In addition to the codebook itself that is available from the BANA website, we have written and published the 2012 Braille Formats Study Guide to help you familiarize yourself with the code and its application prior to taking the exam.

For those who are incarcerated and wish to become certified, we have developed a process to ensure that you will have access to the same opportunities as anyone else taking the exam, but a couple additional steps are required. Please contact our office directly for more information.

View a list of Transcribers Certified in 2011 Code

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