Announcing: Availability of the Braille Formats Exam

We are pleased to announce that certification exams for the newest Braille Formats code are now available!

National Braille Association is the only organization to offer a proficiency exam in the Principles of Print to Braille Transcription, 2016 code. Since the code was published, we’ve been re-writing both the study materials and the exam. Though it is not a prerequisite for taking the exam, we published the 2018 Study Guide this past spring to help you prep as we finalized the exam materials.

If you’d like to purchase the study guide, you can find it in our website store here.


To qualify for an attempt at certification, individuals must be certified by NLS or CNIB. Provided that you are currently certified in either one, the process to certify in Braille Formats is straightforward and simple.

How to Order the Exam

Download and fill out this order form and submit with payment to our offices. You will receive a mini-textbook in the mail, along with instructions and an agreement form. Exam takers have eight weeks to complete an example transcription of the mini-book and return all materials to our offices. Then, a grader will review the transcription and our offices will notify the exam taker of their final grade, accompanied by a report of any errors found.

Please note that if you are or are representing someone who is incarcerated and would like to be certified, the process is slightly different. Please contact our offices directly if this pertains to your scenario.

For more information about the exam, visit the Braille Formats page on our website here.