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Frequently Asked Questions

September 2018 Webinars Lineup

For the month of September, we’ll be hosting three, 15-minute length webinars. The webinars last on average about fifteen minutes and are intended to touch on an area of instruction that allows an attendee to learn a new skill (or, update an old one) without needing to commit an extended amount of time during their…

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How to Have Sheet Music Transcribed in to Braille

For someone that isn’t familiar with braille transcription, the process of learning how to get something transcribed into braille can be daunting. Here at the National Braille Association, we often get questions from the public about how to get something transcribed. Since we no longer have a transcribing or production facility at NBA, we often…

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January 2018 Webinars

Looking to start off the New Year learning a few new tricks? Our three webinars this January are sure to get you engaged and on track for 2018! Though only current NBA members have full access to the archive of recorded webinars, we invite anyone to join us at no cost as they happen live.…

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Nominate Someone for the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

The National Braille Association is thankful for the countless men and women who have dedicated their lives to ensuring that individuals who are blind receive high quality braille. In 2011, we began to honor these individuals by presenting them with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Each year, one individual is selected to receive the NBA Lifetime Achievement Award. For 2017,…

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