2022 Conference Update: Virtual Attendance

Like so many others in recent years, NBA has been trying to plan for a future that changes more quickly than we often anticipate. We’ve always enjoyed the luxury of routine with our conference, but since COVID first hit the United States, planning for our conference has been anything but routine.

The good news is, our conference in San Antonio this fall is still a go!

The difficult news we’re working with this week is the potential fate of the virtual production of this year’s conference.

For the first time we’ve attempted the monumental feat of running an in-person conference and a virtual conference simultaneously. Our goal has been to deliver educational content to as many transcribers as possible, and that hasn’t changed. However, since we’ve launched registration, some hurdles have placed themselves in our way of producing the virtual portion of the conference.

Right now, our plan is to continue with producing a conference that allows for attendance from anywhere in the world, but that could change in coming weeks.

Much of our commitment to producing a virtual conference will depend on how much interest there is. We want to make the virtual conference a reality that serves the many, but it will be a monumental task to follow through with if interest is low.

This message is meant to convey two thoughts:

  1. If you’re intending to attend the conference virtually this year, we ask that you either register soon, or at least inform the office of your intentions. That will give us a sense of how much interest there is.
  2. On August 15th, we’ll be evaluating the level of interest and determine if any changes need to be made.

While we attempt to keep our sails soaring in ever changing winds, we’re super appreciative of your patience and support. We couldn’t be more ecstatic to be having a conference again, and we want this one to be as great as possible for all. Your support in making that happen is enormously encouraging!

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