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Chris Clemens

We are transcribing a Latin text, Catullus' Love and Betrayal.

Section 12 of the Foreign Language Manual makes it very clear how to do "end of book" vocabularies. It tells us to ignore all special typefaces in entries, sub-entries, translations and definitions. AND to insert a colon to separate the Latin entry (with parts of speech, gender, etc.) from the translation or definition. For many of the entries this is no problem. BUT ... there are several more complicated entries. See the third entry on my jpg attachment.

accipio [ad-, to + capio, cpaere, cepi, captus, to take], accipere, accepi, acceptus, to accept, get ,receive.

As I see it, the colon should go immediately after "acceptus" and before "to accept .... However, what do I do with those English words "to" and "to take" in the midst of all of those Latin forms of the word being defined??? Maybe they should be in italics to show that they are not part of the Latin word???

I hope you can shed some light on this issue!!