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Chris Clemens

[quote=myrtle12345]I am sorry I put this on the wrong forum. Thank you for answering during a very busy time.

I looked at Example 98 in Formats and saw that two blank cells were used before the abbreviated parts of speech. I now see on page 40 in the interim manual that a braille colon should be inserted after the parts of speech so two blank cells would not be required. Hopefully I have correctly interpreted your instructions in the example below.

The following would be in margin-5, 3-5, but I can't seem to do that here.

[simbraille]abundan .v43 Infinitivo;
abundar3 existir '''[/simbraille]

When I designate this as "glossary" MegaDots puts all the entries with runovers in 5. Is that correct?
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