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Chris Clemens

Hi Isabelle,

Thanks for your patience. I asked the Braille Formats/Textbook committee for an opinion, since this is actually a formats problem, as it turns out. Foreign language braille rules regarding large enclosures are determined by Braille Formats. There is clearly no specific rule for this, so we offer a recommendation that we feel provides clarity to the reader and gives an accurate representation of the print as much as possible.

The problem here is that these enclosures indicate that EACH of the items on one side can be joined to ANY of the items on the other. This is a pure visual representation. I recommend that we simply tell the reader what's going on here because there is no rule for it in braille.

TNThe following list of words is printed within a right-facing large enclosureTN

Quand (1-3)

TNThe following list of phrases is printed opposite the list of words above within a left facing large enclosureTN

j’aurai lu mon courier, etc. (1-3)
son père, etc

The braille reader now know what the sighted readers are seeing. What this MEANS is a teacher/instructional issue. The other students, who can SEE it, are probably wondering the same thing!

We hope this helps.