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Chris Clemens

Follow up clarification question:

We read the answer to the first question and we're still not completely clear on how we should do this. There are 2 things throwing us off: the subscript information and the Greek letters. I'll start with the Greek.

If the text read delta d in plain text, the Braille would be [Greek letter indicator] [capital indicator] d d. If the delta d is in bold, would the Braille read [bold indicator] [Greek letter indicator] [capital indicator] d [bold indicator] [letter indicator] d? Is another "regular" letter indicator needed as part of the Greek letter or does the Greek letter indicator take place of the "regular" one? Or do you not need the second set of bold and letter indicators because the delta d is read as one letter? Clarification on this would really be appreciated.

We're also having a problem figuring out how to handle the subscripts and part of our confusion with this stems from the fact that the letter indicator and the subscript indicator are the same. For example, we have v subscript av in bold in the text. From the first answer, we know that the baseline letter should read [bold indicator] [letter indicator] v. Do we need to bold the subscript separately? Or is the subscript considered to be part of the letter that precedes it so the bold would be extended to it? Should the Braille for the subscript read [subscript indicator] [bold indicator] [letter indicator] a [bold indicator] [letter indicator] v? Or can the bold and letter indicators be omitted? Again, clarification would be appreciated.

Thank you for your help!