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Chris Clemens


Thank you for the scans of your pertinent pages. They are most helpful! In looking over the information on the publishers, it does present a somewhat confusing issue. I took the liberty of looking up your book through the publisher ... and since the edition you are transcribing is the New revised edition with the 2000 copyright, I would use H.J. Kramer as the publisher and the city of Tiburon, California. That seems to be the principal publisher of this edition.
In looking at the publishing history, the original publisher was New World Library, however H.J. Kramer published the newer edition in a joint venture with New World Library.
For your trial manuscript, you will only use one publisher, not both. If you choose, you can enclose mention of your dilemma in the note to the evaluator, and your reasoning for choosing one publisher over the other. But it is clear that you would NOT put both publishers on your title page.
I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions ... or if anyone else has anything else to add to this? Comments are welcome 🙂

Good luck!