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Chris Clemens

The integral sign is modified by superposition with a circle that itself is modified. According to sec. 110 of the Nemeth Code, when two or more signs of shape are combined to form a composite sign with a more detailed structure, the shape which is formed is called a shape with structural modification. The modification is indicated by a letter or combination of letters suggestive of the nature of the modification. The symbol representing the modification must be preceded by the structural shape-modification indicator [braille]. and followed by the termination indicator. [braille]] This combination must directly follow the symbol of basic shape which is being modified.

Following these directions, the basic shape in this instance is a circle [braille]$c. The circle is modified by an arrowhead pointing in a counterclockwise direction (also called a directed circle). The letter suggestive of this modification might be the letter d for directed. Then your shape would be [braille]$c.d] The Code requires that this symbol be explained in a tn with a description of the print sign.

If ever the circle is shown with a clockwise arrow, you would need two different shape symbols.