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Chris Clemens

Thank you for your help, but I still need some clarification. I was wondering if there are some tactile requirements regardless of the print grid. As to arrowheads, do I need arrowheads in all directions? With regard to the quantity and position of labels, can I omit all but one number in each direction? If so, where should that number be placed? Some of my print grids don't have any labels, what is the minimum I need? If the print origin is labeled with a 0, do I need to include that in braille? Can a label be placed on either side of the axis? If a function line only appears in one quadrant, should I exclude the other three quadrants? If a label interfers with a function line, should I split the line, or omit the label?

When will the Tactile Graphics Guidelines that were recently adopted by BANA be available to members?