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Chris Clemens

As much as possible, I try to follow print. Why would you add labels (x-axis, y-axis) that are not in print? Nor do I understand why you would want to omit all but one number in each direction. If, on the other hand, you have only a grid with no labels whatsoever, no axes, no plotted points, just an empty grid, I would probably not create a tactile graphic of it. Be careful of the print origin label -- sometimes it it the number zero, other times it is the letter O -- follow print. Unless there is plotted material that covers where the zero (or O)would be placed, I would include the label. Generally, when four quadrants are shown, the labels for the y-axis are placed to the left of the axis line, and the labels for the x-axis are placed below the axis line. Only when necessary would I move them to the other side of the line, and in that case I would move all the numbers for that quadrant. An example would be a shaded figure (triangle) with all endpoints labelled and it is positioned to the bottom and right of quadrant II.
While in print there may only be a shaded figure in one of the quadrants, but the reader is asked to rotate or slide, etc. the figure, I would probably keep the other quadrants in the tactile graphic. That way, when I transcribe the answer section at the back of the book, I can use the same graphic and add the additional position of the figure. I would not break a graphed line in order to add a label (even though they are sometimes broken in print.

I hope this information answers your questions. I do not know when the "Guidelines" will be available for sale. They include an additional volume of 60 tactiles in various media that would take some time to produce, collate, and bind for mass distribution. I'm sure that announcements will be made in this regard.