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Are you working on a certification manuscript? If so, you must follow the rules in the 5th edition and EBAE. If this is for something other than the certification manuscript,the rules have changed and you should follow the rule for blank lines in Formats 2011. As for the wording, I do not have my 5th edition or EBAE at home and I am off for the summer. All I can tell you is when I was a student, I was taught only one blank line between title and author and additional blanks lines could be spaced between the other groupings, starting at the bottom. This is how I have been teaching my students for the past 12 years. I can tell you when I submitted my manuscript for certification, I had two blank lines between each group, including the title and author. I was marked off and told the extra line should have gone in the bottom grouping, meaning the top would have one line between title and author, each of the other groups would have two lines, except the bottom group, which would have had 3 lines. As a result of my error, I have taught my students that only one blank line can be left between title and author and none of my students have been deducted points for doing so. If you have additional questions, may I suggest you contact Jennifer Dunnam at NFB for further clarification. I hope this helps.