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    Janice Taylor

    Good Morning, I have a book that is the compilation of 6 individual books. I am attaching the title page in the book for you to see what I am looking at. I have issues with space anyway as my embosser has a limit of 22 lines and 31 cells in width. When I do a title page for a literary book I need to use the second page for any printing history information. In this book I am unsure how to divide the information of the books listed. My thoughts were to list the title of the book as it is published in the compilation with all authors and publisher information, copyright of compilation, transcriber/transcription segment and volume information. Then on the second page list the individual books with authors, copyrights and the printing history. Thank you for your help on this. Janice

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    It looks like you have the one title page for this compilation. Format the title page to accommodate the small size paper you are using. There is also a single copyright date given for the compilation. Use that on the braille title page. The other copyright dates and any other information that doesn't fit on the main title page can be transcribed on additional title pages as needed. Use only the most recent copyright dates for those copyrights. See Formats Section 2 for general title page guidelines. including the usage of the only the most recent copyright date.


    Janice Taylor

    Thank You Joanna,
    My remaining question would be about placing a title page in front of each book. Would I be correct in my understanding that the compilation copyright by the publisher is different from the individual book copyright information that is listed? If that is true would I place both on a title page along with (on a separate page) it's dedication in front of that individual book within the compilation?
    Thank you again with your help on this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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