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Chris Clemens


Thank you for your question. My question to you is ... are you brailling this book for your certification manuscript or brailling it for an agency? And are you brailling it in a literary format or textbook (using print page numbers?)

The Instruction Manual (5th edition), section 17.4b that you referenced has to do with long notes. Source references can be found in 17.5 and specifically for bible references 17.5b, 17.5b(1), 17.5b(2), and 17.5b(3).

17.5b states: "In standard prose (which is how your book appears), references to the Bible should be brailled as they appear in print."

For the reference notes (your page 34), these references would be embedded into the text (3 words or less). For notes 11 and 12, follow the rules for 17.4 in the Instruction Manual if you are brailling literary format.

EBAE Rule IV.23 deals with source references, and Rule IV.22 deals with notes.

I hope this helps.