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Chris Clemens

Hi again. I've figured out why the text copied from my PDF file into Word and saved as an rtf file is not working. There is an option in Word selected through Tools-Options-View Paragraph Marks to let a person see the indicators of all new paragraphs in a document. When I select this for the text copied into my Word rtf file, it shows a paragraph marking at the end of each line. So this explains why Braille2000 is trying to make a paragraph out of each line--the paragraph symbols in there are telling it to do that. So my problem is how to not have all those paragraph indicators in there in text copied from a PDF file.
When I copy in text from a Word file saved as rtf (and not originally coming from a PDF file, the text does maintain the paragraphs correctly from the Word file (except for the minor problem that these paragraphs are starting in cell 4 instead of cell 3--but I'll work on that problem later).
So if anyone has experienced this problem of text copied originally from PDF files having all these extra paragraph indicators in there, I wondered if there is a way around this besides going in there and deleting each one by hand (which really isn't a workable solution since it would likely be faster to braille the paragraphs by hand than than the tedious removal of dozens of paragraph markers in each paragraph). Thanks again for any advice.