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Chris Clemens

The new Tactile Graphics Guidelines (Unit 3) state that a single graphic should contain no more than five different area textures. Research from the GRASP study revealed that it was very difficult for the braille reader to clearly differentiate more than 5 textures on one graphic. It is also difficult for the graphic artist to present more than 5 different textures on one map.

The map on page 146 falls within the 5 texture limit. You would have to include the colors in the definitions in a key on Drawing C because the color is mentioned in the text.

The graphic on page 147 could be presented over several maps:
- Map 1 an overview showing just the names of the coutntries, borders, ocean names and compass rose
- Map 2 Burman with all the textures of elevation
- Map 3 Vietnam with all the textures of elevation
- Map 4 Cambodia with all the textures of elevation
The colors would also have to be mentioned on the braille key because they are referred to in the text. You would also have to include a transcribers note telling the student the print map was being shown in 4 maps in braille.

Good luck! Diane