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Translated glossaries in this print format usually occur in non-foreign language books that are entirely in English. So we will reverse the usual procedure to corrspond with this situation in which the entire book is in Spanish.

The Spanish entry is in 1-5.
Spanish subentry is 3-7
English entry is 5-9
English subentry is 7-11.
No blank lines between any of the entries. The Spanish is entirely uncontracted with the Spanish accented letter symbols. The English is fully contracted. Guide words are Spanish only.

The drawings:
The drawings should follow the completed Spanish entry and precede the English entry. In others words, the drawings come between each Spanish entry and its English translation. Follow whatever format is necessary for the drawings. If it fits on the same page with the entry, fine, and if not, put it on the next page. The labels for the drawings are as printed--Spanish/English, with the same usages as the entries--no contractions with accented letters in Spanish and use contractions for the English. The slash will signal the reader of the change in language.