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Lindy Walton

Although the "Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics" is dated 2010, I believe it was not released in its final form until July of 2011, and only as a web version. As far as I know, the hardcopy supplement with tactile examples is not yet available. My previous post did not refer you to any examples, just to the written guidelines in the web version of the guidelines, so I am wondering if we are looking at different resources?

If I am understanding the new guidelines correctly, the example you recently posted (Squares-1) should be brailled using tactile squares. Perhaps the materials you received from another agency were prepared before the Guidelines were released. When braille rules change in the middle of a project we are advised to complete the project using the old rules.

The BANA Tactile Graphics Committee invites your questions -- you can write to them by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page found here: