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Chris Clemens

This is not the same problem you first posted, but here goes... Question 9 is straighforward; question 8 requires some creative thinking.

QUESTION 8: Since bulleted lists are not mentioned in the Nemeth code, we go to Braille Formats for direction. Following BF Rule 7.2, I would list the three bulleted items in 1/3 with a blank line before and after the entire list. I would extract the final question from the third bulleted item since it really does not belong there.
So, you will have "8) Pat, Nick, ... or roast beef." in 1/5, one blank line preceding the list, each of the three bulleted sentences listed in 1/3, one blank line following the list, then continue with the question "Which of the following ..." as a continuation of the 1/5 narrative, i.e., 5/5 OR as a new paragraph in 7/5.
Subitems: I find no rule to apply to having a list as an answer choice, so I think it is clearest if you put each subitem letter A) through D) in cell 3 and list the three boys on the next three lines, each beginning in cell 5. This means the four answer choices will take up 16 lines. Braille Formats rule 13.6.b advises to keep all answer choices together on the same braille page. I would do so here.

QUESTION 9 shows a 1/5 question, a displayed expression (next line, cell 7) and four lettered answer choices (each beginning in cell 3). This is standard Nemeth format.

--Lindy Walton