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I have conferred with colleagues about this one and we are in agreement! These diagrams are too complex to be put into braille. It is now felt that diagrams of this nature are simply not suitable for braille at all and the new Formats guidelines will say that. You may disregard the rule in the current Formats book that you included in your attachment. The recommendation for this material is to create tactile graphics for these diagrams if you are able to do that. If not, you may simply omit the diagrams and explain the omission in a transcriber's note. Don't forget that statement of omission. See Rule 17 Section 1g on the omission of illustrations.

Thank you for including that print page. It is essential for me to be able to see exactly what the problem is.

The new Formats guidelines have been approved and will take effect when the guidelines are published, some time in the next few months. Please let us know if the men in your program need further information about this.