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Lindy Walton

I can completely accept your response to use BF97 to complete the bulleted list. I do wonder however why the Nemeth Code does not provide for a specific rule for Non-Numerated, Non-Lettered main entries with subdivisions, such as a bulleted list.

In a posting response for Displayed Material on 5/21/2010, by Dorothy, the following question was asked:

Hello, I have the following itemized and displayed text in Nemeth:

1. Large and small animals … (should this itemized text be in 1-3 or 1-5?)

(displayed text below: Does the displayed text go in 5-3 or 3-7?)
Give some names of small animals:
Give some names of large animals:

The following response was given:

… I think I would treat this as a main item with subdivisions.

Let me offer this as food for thought.

I find the response given above gives credence to the thinking of treating non-numbered, non-lettered lists, and/or bulleted items as main entries and subdivisions according to the Nemeth Code in Rule XXV, §191.b.i, and ii (Main entry in cells 1-5 and the subdivision in cells 3-5). Otherwise, the displayed material following the numbered item above should have been displayed in cells 5-3 according to Rule XXV, §191.a.i, and iii, page(s) 193-194 of the Nemeth Code.
I would like to point out that I am aware when the Nemeth Code does not provide for a rule the transcriber must conform to BF97, BANA Updates 2007—2011.
I think in this case it would be helpful to come to a consensus on the main entries and subdivisions of non-numbered, non-lettered lists, like a bulleted list.