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Chris Clemens

[quote=tjensen]I have been running into this quite a bit. Here in this History book and also a lot in a 3rd grade math book.
It looks to me that I have boxed material on facing pages. I would like to know how this should be treated, how I would continue the regular text, and how the page numbering is supposed to look.
I thought that I was supposed to combine the print page numbers like it says in rule 6 pg 72, but when I looked at example 24 given in the examples section it shows a Transcriber's note stating that ... and the print page number is not combined?

Can you help?
Thank you for the advice.

Neither of my files .jpg nor .pdf will attach. The site continues to tell me "Max attachment size is 1500kb" so apparently my file is too big? ;)[/quote]

Obviously got the file attached. 😉